For interior use, cypress delivers a look that is truly stunning and has extremely good depth of color and finishing qualities. When finished with an amber oil finish it will just glow, and can be used as paneling, trim, or for cabinets. Reasonably priced, when compared to hardwoods, cypress has much more depth of color and character than most softwoods.


PANELING - Cypress finishes beautifully and holds paint extremely well making it on ideal choice for interior paneling. Its rich color - ranging from off-white to amber to red tone - combined with intricate grain canvey distinctive warmth and refinement.

PECKY - If you prefer a unique rustic choice in paneling, Pecky Cypress may be right for you. The cause of pecky has often been widely misunderstood. Absolutely no form of animal action - insects or worms - is responsible at any stage of development, and there is no possibility of the pecking continuing after the tree is harvested. Once the tree is cut down, the causative agent itself is destroyed and completely disappears, leaving behind only the characteristic pocketing it formerly created. Pecking, in fact, is simply the result of a natural fungus (Polyporus amarus) entering older living trees through branch loss or fires, that destroys the bark. The live tissues thus expanded invite airborne fungi spores in to begin the sculpturing process.

FLOORING - Cypress is a very dense grained wood with a grain and color that is similar to heart pine without the high costs associated with that species. While softer than heart pine and red oak, it is hard enough for flooring. Its hardness is about the same as American cherry and chestnut.