Durability has long been one of the outstanding qualities of cypress. The reason is a natural preservative oil known as 'cypressene', which gives the heartwood resistance to insects and decay. Cypress is in the group of woods offering the highest resistance to the elements.

Cypress makes beautiful and durable siding and trim boards, has a light honey color that holds exterior finishes extremely well, and does not bleed tannins like Western Red Cedar and Redwood. If you are looking for an exterior siding wood that will hold a finish longer and require less maintenance, cypress is the siding for you.


SIDING - Plantation Cypress is kiln dried and manufactured for exterior use as siding and trim. All products are available in both #2 and select grade. We offer a full line of 1" and 2" trim to compliment the siding.

TIMBERS & DIMENSION - Timbers are available in sizes up to a 12" x 12"; and up to 20' long. Other sizes are available upon request. All timbers are #2 grade with no wane and are green to partially air dried.