Southern Cypress lumber, sometimes referred to as “Southern Cedar”, is the natural replacement for the typical uses of Western Red Cedar in the construction industry.  It is readily available in the eastern half of the United States and has many of the same characteristics as cedar, such as its resistance to rot, and  is  easily stained or painted.  Whether used as an exposed rough sawn timber, an exterior siding or interior paneling, cypress is becoming the wood of choice with  builders and home owners alike.  

We kiln dry all of our Plantation Cypress lumber before milling to minimize the shrinking and checking that occurs when installed, (cypress timbers not included).  Western red cedar is shipped into the south as a green product and does incur shrinkage when applied as an exterior siding, and especially if used on the interior.  Of course all wood products should be allowed to acclimate before being installed for any application and should be primed front and back prior to installation.  Always follow the recommended nailing instructions using the proper fasteners for your job.