Chuck started in the building material business in 1965 in South Florida, moving to Dothan, AL in 1967 with a national manufacturer of construction materials.  He then became sales manager of a South Georgia, pine plywood mill in 1969 and in early 1973 started a mill rep company in Atlanta, GA eventually selling out to a Vancouver, BC company and running their office in Atlanta for a number of years.

He moved back to Dothan in 1978 to pursue the establishment of a wholesale lumber distribution yard.  Wholesale Wood Products was started in April of 1979 with partner Jim Stuckey, which specialized in cedar, doug fir, and other specialty woods.  Over the years that company has grown to a major distributor, a small manufacturing facility was started in the early 80’s and another distribution yard started in the mid 80’s.

He also served on the board of directors and the executive board of the North American Wholesale Lumber Association (NAWLA) for over 11 years, and as its president in 1991-1992.  In the mid 2000’s, Chuck was on the board and then elected president of the southern cypress manufacturers association, a group of cypress sawmills interested in the promotion and use of cypress lumber.

Today, Lumber Group, INC, is the corporate entity for Wholesale Wood Products, Cole Hall Lumber Co., a 70 year old specialty retail lumber company located in Pelham, AL that was acquired in the mid 1980’s, and Custom Lumber Manufacturing Co. Custom Lumber, the manufacturer of Plantation Cypress Lumber, is located in Dothan, AL, with an affiliated sawmill in Frisco City, AL.   The majority of all our cypress timber comes from the Alabama River delta area and is sawn into lumber or timbers in our west Alabama sawmill.  It is then brought to our facility in Dothan and dried, graded,  and turned into boards and pattern stock for sale thru our many wholesale distributors located throughout the country.  Our lumber and timbers are some of the finest products you will find.  We have furnished architectually specified projects from the Hamptons, (NY) to Rice University in Houston, TX, and are the only mill producing vertical grain lumber regularly.  We also saw a select grade of timbers in a variety of sizes and can surface large timbers for those special jobs.



Jane Fuller, is one of the most knowledgeable women in the cypress lumber business.  Since the early 1980’s, she has advanced from Inventory Clerk, to Sales Representative, to Purchasing Agent.  Jane has done it all! You can contact her through our Contact page.







" A Cypress Lumberman Since 1982 " and can also be reached through our contact info page