Hot dipped galvanized or stainless steel with 1/4 inch head; nails must be long enough to penetrate 1 1/2 inches in studs; ring shank or thread shank nails provide increased holding power and must penetrate studs at least 1 inch; siding nails should have blunt points to reduce splitting of the siding.


 Nail Sizes for Wood Siding Over Sheathing
Siding/Sheathing Combinations Recommended Nail Length
(Use wood siding nails) (Smooth Shank) (Ring Shank)

3/4" siding plus 1/2" sheathing 10d (3") 8d (2 1/2")

3/4" siding plus 3/4" sheathing 13d (3 1/4") 9d (2 3/4")

3/4" siding plus 1" sheathing 16d (3 1/2") 10d (3")



Use high-grade, non-hardening acrylic or equal.


Paint and Stain

See Finishing instructions.


Drip Caps and Flashing

Drip Caps and Flashing must be used over doors, windows, masonry, other types of siding, and siding returns at dormers.


Corner Boards

Corner Boards must be used at inside and outside corners.

Corner IllustrationCorner Illustration

Nailing Methods

Nailing Illustration
Nailing Illustration